Rofo Products And Services

Rofo is a brand name of Kina Roof Industries (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd.

1. Manufacturing

Adopt the latest Cold Roll Form Machines and our products conform to Australian Standards; AS1595- Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Qualities and AS 1365- Dimensional Tolerances.

Breakthrough to Traditional the roll form technologies- Length, dimension, thickness limit to maximize our resources

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2. Consultation

Usage of Roofing, Truss and structural products

3. Design

We are equipped with a specialist design software developed by an Australian company which has more than 20 years in developing design software for cold formed steel roof trusses. The design software can design and configure simple and complex roof plan.

4. Fabrication And Installation

Well Trained and accredited installers

5. After Sales Service

Delivery and Services Differentiation

6. Main Marketing Arm

RooRofo - Think Roof, Think Rofoor You Marketing Sdn Bhd