Innowall 285

Rofo Innowall is the latest invention by The Rofo R&D Team. It is a concealed fastener metal wall panel with a unique & aesthesis sight metal profile that not only offer you a distinguished architecture design, but also allows duo application on both Horizontal and Vertical installation. It offers a Classy and Vogue feeling to the building.

The panel has an effective width of 11.25" (285mm) & comes with a variety of wall finishing products that suit to both internal & external wall solutions. Panel lengths are cut to customers specifications and up to your transport limitation.

Innowall 285 Structure Diagram

Innowall 285 Structure Diagram

Innowall 285 Advantages

  • Excellent clothes to building covering.
  • Concealed fasteners.
  • Color mix and match of your choice.
  • Horizontal and vertical application.
  • Metal ceiling alternative.
  • Maximum length to transport limitation.
  • Waterproof.
  • Maintenance free.

Brand or Product Identification
We have imprinted the product name as shown below on every piece of the product produced to help you identify genuine products from genuine suppliers.

Innowall 285 Imprint