Rofo® Pre-Engineered Truss System

  • Use G 550 Channel, Batten and AS 3566 Standard Screw.
  • Use more than 20 years Australia Develop Software.
  • Configure for both Simple and Complex Roof Plan.

Ideal For

  • Pre -fabricated steel truss system for residential building, shophouses, industrial buildings, etc
  • Pre-fabricated houses/ portable container, etc


  • Fire Resistant
  • Recyclable and Environment friendly
  • Light weight but high tensile
  • Customise computer design
  • 10 years material and workmanship warranty, and more


  • Termite attack problem
  • Material wastage on site
  • Instability of quality and quantity
  • Reduce the work under the sun, manpower shortage problem
  • 100% reduce performance cost. Much-much cheaper!