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Rofo® Aki Gutter - 125
SQAS Tested Report no.2009CB1082

Aki-Gutter 125 comes with innovative and creativity to be able to deliver high precision in profile at any length. Besides its beauty on its design, the Aki-Gutter 125 is also improved in terms of application compared to those in the market.


  • Beauty, architecture & engineering interface profile, interlocking feature with stronger rib and less sound.
  • 4 ready pre-punch holes, stronger rib, interlocking and hold gutter board features.
  • Joint Aki-Gutter 125 and clip interlocking system and hold gutter feature to prevent overturn.
  • Roof edge system: joint Aki-Gutter 125 with Fascia Board FBR-207 and Rafter system.
  • Accessories: Pre-punch downpipe hole 3" or 4", Internal and external joint used on line pre-punch shape provide good finish and Mould punch end cap.
Rofo® Aki Gutter - 125 DOWNLOAD CATALOG