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Rofo® Corrugated Zinc Sheet SQAS Tested Report no.2009CB1081
  • Available in 34G, 32G and 28G
  • Able cut according to length, save the Length Lapping Cost
  • Eradicated the problem of leakage arising from length lapped.

Historically the roof Brand Corrugated Hi-Ten Zinc is the oldest and most popular profile among all metal roofing Profile. We can manufacture lengths up to 20ft long thus reducing the number of laps and ultimately more cost effective.

Rofo® Corrugated Zinc Sheet Profile Rofo® Corrugated Zinc Sheet Overlapping

Our Corrugated Zinc Kampong available in Two Different Brands
1. For the thickness 34BWG, 32BWG, 28BWG available in Rofo Brand (Picture 1 shown the Rofo Brand printed to ensure the Genuine Brand)
2. For the thickness 35BWG available in Cap Burung (Refer to the Picture 2 shown the Cap Burung attached to ensure the Genuine Brand)

Rofo Brand Sticker Cap Burung Brand Sticker