Rofo® Hidek-39

Rofo Hidek 39 preserves the advantages of length lapping effectiveness from Rofodek & Anti-leaking features from Rofolok Profiles.

Rofo® Hidek-39 Advantages

  • 100% form with self tapping screws.
  • Less bulky handling ensures minimal delivery trip & lesser scratches.
  • Rib height up to 39mm for better water collection.
  • Special rib cap for concealing screws and prevent water leakage.
  • Good low pitch application - minimum 3 degrees up to 100ft length per pc.
  • Improved rib pattern for stronger load resistance.
  • Wider pan area for easier installation movement.
  • Roll on site services (upon request) to save material lapping costs.
  • Excellent profile strength from optimum ratio of rib & pan dimensions.

Typical Support Spacing Table

Rofo® Hidek-39 Profile Rofo® Hidek-39 Typical Support Spacing Table

Material Properties

Rofo® Hidek-39 Material Properties DOWNLOAD CATALOG