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Product Series: RK720

Rofo® Kingtile 720 Rofo® Kingtile 720

Rofo Kingtile Differences:

  • With various significant technical improvement of beauty in 3D effect of Classical Roof Tile but lighter and well spanning ability.
  • Faster installations come with long run.
  • Lighter Weight save the structure member.
  • Improved Step Forming mould to make sure no damage or crack on the folded edge.
  • Bigger Half round Rib makes higher 3D Effect.
Rofo® Kingtile 720

Rofo Kingtile Advantages:

  • The grid and Radius of mould improved and eradicate the shear effect when forming the Step.
  • Metal Thickness at step area maintain. Do not Effect the Strength of metal and color Coating System.