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RTC Series: Type T2 and Type T2M Emboss M Textile

Rofo® Light Gauge Truss Channel

The Rofo Small Truss Channel is a cold roll formed structural product by AS1365 latest high speed produtction line from High Tensile Steel SGL570 or G550 Genuine Aluminium Zinc Coated (AZ55% Gafolume) or Zinc Coated material.

Based on our R&D's multiple testing and studies, our cold roll formed section ca nachieve true squareness which is obviously not available in the current market.


  • M feature emboss and two line to improve the strength to 5-10% by increasing the surface area.
  • High precision in achieving 90 degrees squareness to preserve best strength and installation alignment.
  • Truss channel with more choice range from sizes up to 40mm - 150mm and thickness of 0.48mm - 1.2mm to enhance optimum design.
  • Pre-punched elongated hole at H side and both Flange.
  • High Tensile Grade E SGL 570 Grade AZ55% material for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • Fast delivery production optimization with 58 meter per minute.
  • Automated Digital Marking System (ADMS) - Durable & inerasable marking

All our manufactured section can be identified by imprinting of our Registered Trademark Rofo. Rofo is the mark for recognition and Quality.

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