Rofo® High Tensile (HTGS) Lipped ChannelDOWNLOAD CATALOG

Rofo® High Tensile (HTGS) Lipped Channel Rofo® High Tensile (HTGS) Lipped Channel Profile SQAS Tested Report No.2009CB0643
  • The Only Manufacturer in KK who produce until Size 12"
  • Various Sizes Range from 3" to 12"
  • High Dimension and Grid Accuracy, and Squareness
  • Free Pre-punch Hole Service (3 Types) - Refer to Punch Hole Detail Form
  • Use High Tensile Material
  • Logo Imprinted at every Lipped Channel for Quality Identification
  • OM for other Factory in KK

Pre-Punch Hole Service

Holes can be punched to three configurations: Vertical, Horizontal and at the Flange as shown in the diagrams below:

Pre-Punch Hole Service

Click here for Bending Moment; Reaction & Deflection Coefficient