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Rofo® Unique Accessories

Rofo New Bending Accessories Product is an upgraded version of previous press brake accessories by the Rofo R&D Team. It breaks through the limitations of the current accessories in the market by providing a new & unique shape that is able to meet high architectural finishing demands.


  • Multi shape bend.
  • Unique shape accessories.
  • High precision & accuracy.
  • Curve finishing.
  • Customizable flashing.
  • Flexibility, with length up to 6.80m and thickness up to 1.00mm

Diagram of Single Unique Shape

Rofo® Unique Accessories Diagram

Range of Profile - Possible Combinations on Single Unique Shape

Rofo® Unique Accessories Possible Combinations Diagram


Rofo® Unique Accessories Application

Product Identification
All our manufactured section can be identified by the imprinting our Registered Trademark Rofo. Rofo is the mark for recognition and quality.

Rofo® Unique Accessories Imprint